Classification of Kinematic Pair

Kinematic Pair: The interconnection between two or more link such that it is able to transfer the relative motion will be known as pair or kinematic pair.

Kinematic pairs can be classified on the basis of:

1. On the basis of nature of contact between elements
2. On the basis of relative motion between pairing elements
  • Cylindrical pair (C)
  • Prismatic pair or Sliding pair (P)
  • Revolute pair (R)
  • Screw Pair or Helix pair (H)
  • Spherical Pair or Globular pair (G)
  • Planar pair or Ebony (E)
3. On the basis of nature of mechanical constraint
  • Completely constrained pair
  • Incompletely constrained pair
  • Successfully constrained pair
4. On the basis of type of closer
  • Form closed Pair
  • Force closed Pair
5. On the basis of number of link to be connected
  • Binary pair
  • Ternary pair
  • Quaternary pair