General Classification of Automobiles (Vehicles)

Based on purpose
  • Passenger vehicles – These automobiles carry passengers – e.g: Buses, Passenger trains, cars
  • Goods vehicles – These vehicles are used for transportation of goods from one place to another. e.g: Goods lorry, goods carrier
  • Special Purpose: These vehicles include Ambulance, Fire engines, Army Vehicles.
On the Basis of Load
  • Heavy duty vehicle  - trucks, buses, etc... 
  • Light duty vehicle - pickup, station wagon, etc…
  • Light motor vehicle - cars, jeeps, etc…
On the Basis of  Fuel used
  • Petrol engine vehicles : scooters, cars, mopeds, motorcycles
  • Diesel engine vehicles : Trucks, Buses
  • Gas vehicles : Turbine powered cars
  • Solar vehicles : Solar powered cars
  • Hydrogen vehicles : Honda FCX Clarity
  • Electric vehicles : Electric cars, electric buses
  • Steam Engine Vehicles : Steamboat, steam locomotive, steam wagon
  • Hybrid Vehicles : Hybrid buses, hybrid cars like Toyota Prius, Honda Insight
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle : Jaguar C-X75
On the basis of body 
  • Sedan with two doors
  • Sedan with four doors
  • Station wagon
  • Convertible
  • Van
  • Special purpose vehicle: ambulance, milk van, etc.
On the basis of Transmission
  • Conventional vehicles with manual transmission - car with 5 gears.
  • Semi-automatic - Vehicles that facilitate manual gear changing with clutch pedal
  • Automatic - In automatic transmission, gears are not required to be changed manually. It is automatically changes as per speed of the automobile.
On the basis of  Position of Engine
  • Engine in Front : Most of the vehicles have engine in the front
  • Engine in the Rear Side: Very few vehicles have engine located in the rear.
 On the basis of side of drive
  • Left hand drive  – Vehicle in which steering wheel is fitted on the left hand side
  • Right hand drive - Vehicle in which steering wheel is fitted on the right hand side
Based on Suspension system used
  • Convectional – Leaf Spring
  • Independent – Coil spring, Torsion bar, Pneumatic.
On the basis of number of wheels
  • Two wheeler : motorcycles, scooters
  • Three-wheeler : Tempo, auto-rickshaws
  • Four wheeler : car, Jeep, Bus, truck
  • Six-wheeler : Buses and trucks