How to attempt GATE  Test Series ?

Repeat following points for every subject
  1. prefer good reference books for theory and make notes
  2. Solve questions from reference books
  3. Solve questions from workbook (made easy or ace academy)
  4. solve previous year gate questions
  5. After above 4 steps >>>>> Make short notes and formula notes.

After completing above 5 steps in every subject go for subjective test (from test series) Repeat following points for every subject
  1. revision of Notes, short notes and formula notes (2 days)
  2. after 2 days revision going for a subject test
  3. Test analysis + find your mistakes
  4. modify your short notes and formula notes from test series mistakes
  5. revision +practice...

Full length test
Start full length from December
  1. Revise all subject notes, short notes, formula notes
  2. Attempt a full length test
  3. analysis + find mistakes+ modify short notes and formula note
  4. revision + practice...
**Go for any subjective or full length test after complete revision.**
** Solve previous year questions at lest 2 times.**
All the Best