How to prepare for GATE 2020 without coaching? |Mechanical Engineering

To prepare for GATE 2020 without coaching, starting early always works in favor. If you start your preparation early, it will give you enough time for revision also. 

1. Know GATE Syllabus 

2.Design Study Plan

*Everyone has his own preparation strategy

i.e > Categories Subjects in Group

Group A: Mathematics, Aptitude and English
Group B: Manufacturing , Industrial engg, Material science
Group C: Engineering Mechanics, SOM, TOM, Machine Design
Group D: Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer, Thermodynamics, Applications

  • Choose 2 subject from Group B,C,D -- for example- SOM and FM 
  • Every Day 2 Hour for Group A 

3. Study Standard Books

4. Solve Question Papers

Click here to download gate mechanical question paper

5. Go for Online Test

Join test series : ACE Academy , Made Easy etc...

6. Most important point: Consistency should be Maintained

7. Prepare Short Notes for quick revision

8. Revision is most important

9. Stay Motivated 

All the best.